SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2018 - 3:00PM*
FREE Admittance for all Cougar Classic Players
Tickets $10.00 for coaches, family and friends**

Click on the button below to RSVP to the banquet.


Please join us Saturday, February 24th for the tournament awards banquet to celebrate the 36th Annual Roskruge Cougar Classic. A tournament highlight video will be shown and a motivational talk will be given by the keynote speaker. MVP Awards will be presented by each team’s coach or representative. This is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of all the participants of the Roskruge Cougar Classic.
This year we are inviting all players to attend the tournament at no charge. We are also inviting young siblings of players to attend the awards banquet for free. **Siblings must be 7th-grade or under to attend the banquet for free.
All others, including coaches, friends, parents and siblings 8th-grade and older may purchase a ticket for the awards banquet for a $10 donation to the Roskruge Cougar Classic. Tickets will be available for purchase with cash or personal check at the door.

We need your help to get a count of banquet attendees for the caterer.
Please click the RSVP Button above and let us know your name and the name of your school and how many in your party will be attending the banquet.

* Tentative Date and Time.


Thanks Dale & the entire Lopez Family. Lineweaver kids had a blast & so did I. C ya next year. Congrats to all who took the Championships in there division.
— Terry Hunter, February 24, 2015

I agree with Mr. Hunter, We had a blast and we will be back next year to participate once again. Have a great rest of the year!!
— Mr. Bustamante, Craycroft Elementary, February 24, 2015


Congratulations to Lineweaver teacher Mike Bekedam! Mike received the TUSD Interscholastics Service Award on May 22, 2014.

Dale Lopez, on behalf of TUSD Interscholastics Director Herman House, presents the plaque to Mike while Lineweaver principal Mary Anderson looks on.

The plaque states:

For your many years of hard work and dedication in organizing and supervising the sports of Cross-Country and Track & Field for all TUSD elementary schools.

With gratitude from the students, parents and staff of Tucson Unified School District.
May, 2014




Click HERE to download the results from February 15, 2014

Click HERE to download the results from February 8, 2014.

Click HERE to download the results from February 1, 2014.

Click HERE to download the 2014 Brackets and Standings.




Coaches for Charity Logo

Special thanks to Coaches For Charity for helping the Roskruge Cougar Classic with public relations and arranging coorporate sponsorships. In addition, we would like to thank Dr. Ed Ackerley and Coaches for Charity for their direct contribution to the Roskruge Cougar Classic which helped us produce our first awards banquet.
Coaches for Charity sponsors several events throughout each year to raise money to awards academic scholarships to student/athletes of all abilities and provides support to community organizations.

Roskruge Cougar Classic 2013 - Director's Closing Message

     Congratulations to not only all the  championship teams but to all of the teams that participated this year.  Thank you for putting so much time and effort into making our 31st annual event a success.  A huge thank you to the administration and staffs at Catalina, Pueblo, Rincon, and Tucson High Schools for hosting 31 schools and 49 teams over the past three Saturdays.  Also, a big thank you to all those that made our first Awards Banquet a fun and exciting event.

2013 Highlight Video premeired at the Awards Banquet:

2013 Roskruge Cougar Classic Champions
5th-grade and under co-ed  MISSION MANOR MUSTANGS
5th-grade and under girls    SUMMIT VIEW MOUNTAIN LIONS
6th-grade and under co-ed  SAFFORD HUSKIES
7th-grade and under co-ed  SAFFORD HUSKIES
7th-grade and under girls    SAFFORD HUSKIES
2013 Team MVPS
Myles Gantt - Mission Manor
Bryan Delgadillo – Sewell
Marina Sandoval – Sewell
Matthew Riccitello – Hughes
Carson Barney – Pomerene
Mateo Sierras – Drachman
Giselle Gonzales – Drachman
Luis Diaz – Safford
Enrique Holguin –Safford
Alicia Reyes – Safford
Oscar Solis – Blenman
Zach Bartlett – Blenman
Anthony Ortiz – Esperanza
Phillip Pacheco – Roskruge
Brixya Diaz – Roskruge
Michael Rodriguez Quihuis – Roskruge
Nysa Ureña – Roskruge
Dominic Duddleston – Roskruge
Randy Elem- Cavett
Diego Armijo – Kellond
Syerra Perez – Kellond
Romeo Martinez – White
Jesus Sosa – CRS
Ronald Regni – Apollo
Anthony Patino – Robison
Cesar Miranda – Summit View
Fernanda Valencia – Summit View
Caleb Salazar – Booth-Fickett
Aaliyah Ortiz – Booth-Fickett
Daisy Cornidez – Sierra
Deziree Cornidez – Sierra


Roskruge Cougar Classic 2012 - Director's Closing Message and Responses

Congratulations not only go out to the champions but also to all the teams and their supporters for another great year of February basketball. It is your dedication and willingness to go the extra distance that makes your school communities better. This was the largest Cougar Classic ever and was made possible by the hard work of the volunteers at each participating school and the game-day volunteers that put in long hours at Tucson High and Cholla High. Also, a huge thank you goes out to TUSD Assistant Superintendent Maggie Shafer, TUSD Director of Interscholastics Herman House, and the administrators at Tucson High and Cholla High for their belief that solid programs are built from the bottom so strengthening the athletic programs at our elementary and middle schools not only benefit our high schools but the entire Tucson community. See you next year!
(For those schools wishing to participate in the 30th Annual Roskruge Softball Tournament presented by TUSD mark your calendars for May 12 and 19. More information will appear on the softball page of this website.)
-Dale López

Way to go, Mr Lopez.
-Carlos Armendariz, Asst. Principal Tucson High School

Our kids had a fantastic time. Thank you very much for letting us join in this year. We look forward to the softball tournament in May.
Casey O'Brien
Summit View Elementary
Physical Education Teacher

As usual Dale, Thanks again for your time and great job this year again.
Eddie Contreras,
School Security Agent,
Summer Shootout Basketball League Coordinator,
and Basketball Coach

Thanks again for facilitating such a tremendous experience for our children and school communities.  The Cougar Classics have become iconic elements of the cultural fabric of elementary youth athletics in Tucson.  There has been a direct correlation of Drachman Montessori making AYP, and receiving a “B” rating from ADE, and the inspiration for academic and athletic success fostered among my students as a result of the Cougar Classics.  Our school communities will never be able to collectively express the gratitude for what you began 30 years ago, because the impact the Cougar Classics have made is immeasurable, but we thank you and all of those who make the Cougar Classics possible with all that we have to offer.
Jesús Celaya, Ph.D.
Principal/Director/Coach, Drachman Montessori Magnet

This is terrific, Dale. Your efforts result in a lot of fun and good exercise for our youngsters.  Thank you. Thank you SO much for the shout out in the Cougar Classic program.  You are too kind. It looked great.  You do such a nice job.
Maggie Shafer
Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools
Tucson Unified School District


Roskruge Cougar Classic 2011 - Director's Closing Message and Responses

     Wow! Another fantastic tournament!  Thanks to everybody’s cooperation and flexibility, the Tucson community again benefitted from the excitement the participating youngsters and their supporters generated during the 29th Annual Roskruge Cougar Classic. Thirty-three schools entered 56 teams in five divisions and played a total of 94 games. Your school communities are extremely fortunate to have you working with their children in the wholesome activity of interscholastic sports.
     A BIG THANK YOU to Tucson High and Pueblo High for realizing the importance of getting our children involved in interscholastic sports at an early age and allowing us the use of their outstanding facilities. 
     Keep your eye on this website for information on the Roskruge Softball Tournament in May and the Roskruge Open Cross-Country Meet in November of every year.  Thanks again for your help.
Dale López
Tournament Director and Founder

GREAT JOB Dale, you and your staff did an outstanding job.
Thanks again for a GREAT tournament.

Ismael Galindo
Coach, Apollo Middle School

Hello Dale,

Thanks again for organizing such an awesome experience for our youth! As the coach and principal for Drachman, I can attest that my students’ experiences in the Cougar Classic events have inspired positive changes socially, physically, and academically. It’s amazing how basketball can translate to increased test scores.

TUSD is investing a lot in Restorative Practices at this time, but if you can promote “Preventative Practices through Opportunities for Engagement” such as your events, we spend less time restoring and more time having fun with our children.

I’m going to make sure that you, and the Cougar Classic events/organization, get well-deserved recognition by our team of principals and our governing board.

Jesús Celaya, Ph.D.
Principal/Director & Coach, Drachman Montessori Magnet

Thanks for all you guys did to organize interscholastic elementary school sports! Bloom’s kids had the experience of a lifetime.

Richard Harkins
Coach, Bloom Elementary

Congratulations to Dale and volunteers for another well organized event.

José Olivas
Principal, Roskruge Bilingual K-8 School

You did a great job like always! Even though Alexis didn't have to play at any of the finals, she still wanted to attend the final games. The Cougar Classic has become something my family looks forward to every year. Thank you again for taking the time to organize this fun event. Hopefully next year we can add an 8th grade bracket.

Juanita Cortez
Longtime Tournament Supporter

Dale, once again you are the man. Great job by you and your staff. I'm attaching a copy of the flyer for my summer league, hope you don't mind. Thanks for all you do for the community Dale. I hope that my league runs as well as your tournament. League divisions will be middle school girls and boys like last year and we are going to send out a feeler for a 10u open division. Hope you can put in a good word for me.

Click HERE to download Summer Shootout Flyer.
Eddie Contreras,
School Security Agent,
Summer Shootout Basketball League Coordinator,
and Basketball Coach

Dale, I know everyone has given you great praise for all of your efforts putting together the tournament, but let me pile it on. Every year it seems to me the tournament gets better and better. That’s a tough job to do. Once again your tournament provides our kids first rate facilities, officiating, and staff. You are truly a visionary. Thanks again for everything. The whole experience was GREAT! -AG-

Adrian Garcia
Manzo Elementary School
Physical Education

Roskruge Cougar Classic 2010 - Director's Closing Message and Responses

Coaches and supporters,

Thanks again for all your support and cooperation.  We are also grateful for all the time and effort put in by the coaches to get the kids at your schools started in the right direction.  It’s very difficult to find a drop-out prevention program that’s more effective than interscholastic sports.  The earlier we get kids started in this direction, the better off our communities are.  If you have comments or suggestions for future tournaments, please feel free to contact us.
    A GIANT THANK YOU TO THE COACHING STAFFS AND ADMINISTRATORS AT PUEBLO HIGH SCHOOL AND APOLLO MIDDLE SCHOOL.  We want to especially thank Carlos Armendariz and John López.  We couldn’t have pulled it off without their many hours of assistance.
   -Dale López and the Roskruge Cougar Classic staff, February 22, 2010

The tournament went really well.  Keep up the great work, I'm proud of all you do for our community.  I'm lucky to have you as my dad.
Love you,
February 22, 2010  

p.s. You Da Man. xoxo

Each and every year the participation and support becomes greater and better.
You have done a wonderful job over the many years of running this program. Dale, we all appreciate your dedication and commitment to education and children. I wish to thank all of the coaches and volunteers that helped to enrich the players' knowledge of the game. We look forward to your tournament next year. Again, thank you!
Lee Griffin
GFSD Superintendent
February 22, 2010

Thanks again for another fantastic job organizing the tournament. We're all very lucky to have someone like you who supports organized sports for Tucson youths.  Keep up the good work.
Adrian Garcia
Manzo Elementary
Physical Education
February 22, 2010

Dale. Kudos to you and your staff for putting on another fantastic tournament! The kids all had a great time and look forward to participating again next year!
Ruben J. Romero
M. Ed.
Counselor E, S-Z
Pueblo High School
February 22, 2010

2009 Roskruge Cougar Classic - Director's Closing Message and Responses

Coaches, Principals and other supporters:

I appreciate the kind words that many coaches and administrators have sent to me during the course of the tournament.  I especially appreciate the flexibility and understanding you had concerning the scheduling of the games.  I received no complaints about the games being too early, too late, too far away, or too spread out, although I know that some of you were inconvenienced because of the many factors that must be considered when putting together the schedule.

We cannot thank the administrators and coaches from Tucson, Pueblo, Cholla and Northwest Center enough for all of their help and their willingness to make this event successful.  Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.

All of you involved positively touched the lives of many youngsters during this season and you should be commended. 

Some of you have contacted me to express suggestions or opinions of how we can improve the tournament.  I appreciate this and please feel free to continue to contact me at
    See you next year!
-Dale Lopez, February 2009

Dale, Congratulations!  Once again you’ve put on another fantastic tournament!
-Ruben J. Romero, Coach Valencia Middle School, February 2009

Another outstanding job on the tournament.  Thanks so much.  Our kids had a great time.
-Adrian Garcia, Coach Manzo Elementary School, February 2009

I just wanted to say thank you to all who organized this awesome tournament.  We had the time of our lives playing two thriller games on Saturday.  Two Sunnyside Schools played for the Championship.  Gallego and Rivera played one of the most unbelievable championship games ever!  The final score was Gallego 19, Rivera 18.  Gallego was down 18-14 with a little over one minute left in the game and they fought back like “Gatos” and took the lead with 15 seconds remaining.  I was proud of our students and our district.  Congratulations, Gallego.  Rivera was also in a fierce battle with Davis in a semi-final gameand prevailed, 20-19.  Thanks Dale and to all involved.
-Emilio Bustamante, Coach Rivera Elementary School,
February 2009

Once again, we here at Drexel had the time of our lives. I know these kids will remember this tournament forever.
Congratulations to Gallego for their terrific season, and thanks Mr. Lopez for making this possible. See ya next year.
-Terry Hunter, Coach Drexel Elementary School,
February 2009

Our kids have really enjoyed playing in your annual tournament.  Thanks again for all you do.
-Ilsa Bednar, Coach Van Buskirk Elementary School, February 2009

I wanted to thank-you for all the time and hard-work that you invest into the Classic so that my kids (and all the other kids) can have an exciting way to end the season.  We were able to play 4 thrilling games this year against teams that we might not have ever faced.  We celebrated our tournament experience yesterday afternoon with a pizza party, and the kids were smiling all afternoon.
-Andy Townsend, Coach Elvira Elementary School,
February 2009


2008 Roskruge Cougar Classic -- Director's Closing Message and Responses

Another Roskruge Cougar Classic is in the books---26 of them now. This year we played 67 games. When you have that many games, a lot of personalities and emotions will be involved and you can expect a few glitches along the way. I want to thank you for your cooperation and your understanding of the glitches.

Once again a big thank you to Herman House, Gary Lewis and Phil Elkins at Tucson High, Carlos Armendariz and Ray Unger at Pueblo, and Tariq Rasool, Esther Knight and Ralph Romero at Cholla for making the facilities available to us.

Interscholastic sports is one of the greatest drop-out prevention programs we have. And to get the kids excited about interscholastic sports at such an early age is a bonus to the entire Tucson community. Congratulations to all of our participants. They are all champions. See you next year.
-Dale López, February 2008

Thank you Dale for the fine job you do for this community.  We are all very fortunate to have you to work on behalf of our children.
-Herman House, Assistant Principal Tucson High Magnet School, February 2008

I agree.  Dale, great job.  I had a blast and so did the kids.
-Scott Waldorf, Coach Pistor Middle School,
February 2008

Great job Dale!...Once again you have done a wonderful job in getting everything organized for the tournament!
I have been lucky enough to have taken part in 20 of your tournaments with two different schools and each year it gets better and better.  A BIG thank you to your wife
for her support and help of running your tournament!!!
-Henry Barraza, Coach Sewell Elementary School,

February 2008
Drexel says thanks to all.  Good job to all schools.  We had a blast.  C YA next year. 
-Terry Hunter, Coach Drexel Elementary School,
February, 2008

Dale did a superb job in organizing the tournament.  I know that students look forward to the tournament every year and gain lasting memories from being part of the event.  Dale, thanks.
-Carlos Armendariz, Assistant Principal Pueblo High Magnet School, February 2008

Congratulations on a great tournament!  You have impacted so many student-athletes.  You will be the coach that is remembered as the true advocate of an active lifestyle and sportsmanship.  Bravo!
-Maria Marin, Principal Roskruge Elementary and Middle School, February 2008

Dale, congratulations.  I have heard many positive remarks about how well the Classic was organized.  Thanks for all you do!
-Patricia Lopez, TUSD Deputy Superintendent,
February 2008  

Thank you Dale for the fine job you do for this community. We are all very fortunate to have you to work on behalf of our children.
- Herman House,
Assistant Principal
Tucson High Magnet School
February 2008

I agree. Dale great job. I had a blast and so did the kids.
- Scott Waldorf, February 2008

Great job Dale!... Once again you have done a wonderful job in getting everything organized for the tournament! I have been lucky enough to have taken part in 20 of your tournaments with two different schools and each year it just gets better and better. A BIG thank you to your wife for her support and help of running your tournament!!!
- Henry Barraza ( Sewell Elementary) February 2008

Drexel says thanks to all. Good job to all schools. WE had a blast. C YA next year
- Coach Hunter, February 2008

Dale did a superb job in organizing the tournament. I know that students look forward to the tournament every year and gain lasting memories from being part of the event. Dale, Thanks.
- Carlos Armendariz
Pueblo Magnet High School
February 2008

Congratulations on a great tournament! You have impacted so many student athletes - you will be the coach that is remembered as the true advocate of an active lifestyle and sportsmanship! Bravo!
- Maria, February 2008

Dale, congratulations. I have hear many positive remarks about how well the Classic was organized. Thanks, for all you do!
- Patricia López, TUSD Deputy Supintendent, February 2008